SMS Procurement Consulting

You are an enterprise that has discovered the power of SMS. You might be using One Time Passwords SMS (OTP) for securing the portal access for your users via so-called Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA), or you might be sending SMS notifications about the time a parcel or food will be delivered, or you send promotional messages for rewarding your customer with a special offer. You see the business success that these SMS bring to you – through happy and loyal customers. Naturally, over time the volumes of messages are increasing with your “SMS success”. Congratulations!
Now, with growing SMS volumes also your total spend for SMS goes up. But it doesn’t stop here. Potentially, you are hit also with a rising number of complaints from customers who did not receive the critical message they were waiting for. So, you should be looking at how you deliver these messages. Most likely, you have one (or more) SMS vendors that do this job for you. But how do you know if they do a good or a bad job? How do you know if you are paying a fair price for the messages?

The Struggle is real

Unfortunately, buying SMS is not like buying commodities like office supplies. The devil lies in the details – there are in fact, different qualities of SMS deliveries. And a huge price range associated with that. And it is different in each country you are sending to: Each country has its own regulations and local mobile network operators, each with its own pricing and ruleset.

GTC help you to find the best prices and conditions

We at GTC have been on this SMS delivery side for many years and have seen first hand the tricks of the trade. We would love to share these insights with you and optimize your SMS procurement.
Let us explain the relevant key metrics of SMS delivery – without going too technical or dive into telco jargon and abbreviations (we love these 3 or even 4 letter acronyms like SS7, DLR, SMPP, MNO and MVNO – just look at many other of our consulting offers geared towards telco people).

We can help you composing an SLA or an RFP including the required KPIs you can use to challenge your existing SMS vendors or selecting new ones.

In short:

We can help you evaluate the delivery quality of your traffic - so that your customers get the messages delivered in time and without any weird modifications - and at a fair cost to you.