In Global Telco Consult, we launch, configure, support, and perform E2E tests of your SMSC. We manage SS7, SMPP, ENUM, and establish connections with SCCP signaling carriers.

  • Support launch, configuration and E2E tests of your new SMS-C.
  • Operate your legacy SMS-C.
  • Manage SS7 SMPP, ENUM and other connections.
  • Connection of SCCP signalling carriers.
  • Integration of new SMS-C into your legacy environment and network.
  • Connection of new SMS-C to your legacy platform.
  • Run, report and interpret regular SMS and HLR lookup tests.

  • Speed-to-market. Fully operational from day 1 rather than depending on long learning curve and trial and error actions.
  • Lower operating expenses! Competitive flat rates for high-level messaging specialists supporting technical and commercial E2E business process.
  • Guaranteed fast execution. Don’t lose time waiting to connect the next customer or understanding why your margin dropped.
  • Proven track record. All employees have a minimum >5 years of intensive SMS operations experience. GTC staff runs multiple platforms for customers based in different continents. 200+ successful customer/supplier onboardings completed.
  • Coordination with SMS-C vendor: Bug fixes and testing of new features or releases.
  • Germany based. The technical team is based in Germany, the country where GTC is registered as a limited company.
  • Flexible contractual terms.

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