Omnichannel Consultancy

We take the guesswork out of omnichannel deployment by helping Platform Providers and Telcos at every stage of the process, from planning and strategizing to market implementation.

  • Demystifying Omnichannel and how to transition your business
    • Why using SMS is still an excellent option for your Omnichannel Strategy
    • Identifying complementary channels, features, commercial models and complications such as clarifying essential rules about opt-in (and opt-out)
    • Determine which social channels to offer to your customers and identify ROI driven messaging opportunities
    • How to get up and running quickly
  • Product Portfolio analysis and recommendations
  • Strategic Roadmapping that focuses on Customer Journeys, whether to Build or Buy, and Maximizing Value
  • Architectural Assistance that provides existing platform analysis and identifying key challenges such as billing modes, liability management, and channel feature variations.
  • Resource identification and acquisition, e.g., People Skills, Hardware and Software Options
  • Business Case Support
  • Proven Go-to-Market Strategies

  • We will help your business evolve and offer new technologies and improve profitability
  • Race ahead of your competitors to offer the latest technology without the risk of being an early adopter
  • Full go-to-market strategy assistance to make sure your teams are ready to sell and support Omnichannel products
  • Integrate processes and monitor their success

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