How to Choose the Best WhatsApp Provider


The “WhatsApp DO’s and DONT’s Whitepaper”

How to Choose the Best WhatsApp Provider

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What’s in the Whitepaper

With more than 50 official WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) resellers, the decision path for choosing the right WhatsApp provider seems to be a complicated and very demanding procedure.


• Is there a way to avoid the template cost?
• Do you have to pay monthly hosting fees per every single WABA?
• How does the service differ when paying 50,00 € instead of 350,00 € per WABA per month?

In Global Telco Consult we have done our research to make it easier for you.


Our free White Paper helps you to understand the differences between all commercial policies to choose the provider offering the most competitive prices and best service quality!

About the author

Andreas Constantinides

Andreas Constantinides
Senior Consultant at GTC, specialized in Enterprise Messaging

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