SMS Platform

Messaging platforms: Wholesale, Enterprise, On-Premises, Omni-Channel or not, GTC is available to operate your SMS platform or to suggest the best platform or software for your business. GTC is the proper partner to guide you through the tools needed for Messaging Telco Development.

  • Operate your SMS platform, Messaging Platform (MP), messaging software, SMS spam filter, SMS-c, SMS gateway, omni-channel platform, MNP databases, SS7 and SMPP connections.
  • Support launch, configuration and E2E tests of your new MP.
  • Integration of new MP into your legacy environment and network.
  • Connection of new MP to your legacy platform.
  • Migration from your legacy environment to new MP.
  • Manage E2E processes: partner onboarding, rates management, routing, revenue assurance, quality assurance, plausibility checks, billing, reporting, troubleshooting.
  • Run, report and interpret regular SMS and HLR lookup tests.
  • Coordinate with business owners, customers, and providers via chat, email, messengers or voice.
  • Network Operation Center (NOC) and customer support service.
  • Dedicated account managers, taking ownership of processes and tasks.

  • Speed-to-market. Fully operational from day 1 rather than depending on long learning curve and trial and error actions.
  • Lower operating expenses! Competitive flat rates for high-level messaging specialists supporting technical and commercial E2E business process.
  • Business process optimization. Just call your dedicated account manager. He or she will be able to advise.
  • Keep your employees productive, focusing on their core mission.
  • Scale your business. GTC guarantees enough resources supporting every business lifecycle phase.
  • Learn from our Support. One day you might want to take it over and run your platform on your own.
  • Guaranteed fast execution. Don’t lose time waiting to connect the next customer or understanding why your margin dropped.
  • Proven track record. All employees have a minimum >5 years of intensive SMS operations experience. GTC staff runs multiple platforms for customers based in different continents. 200+ successful customer/supplier onboardings completed.
  • Coordination with platform vendor: Bug fixes and testing of new features or releases.
  • Germany based. The technical team is based in Germany, the country where GTC is registered as a limited company.
  • Flexible contractual terms.

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