Sales & Purchasing

High-Potential Customers, or competitive Operator Agreements? No matter the segment you are looking to expand your telco business, Global Telco Consult is the most reliable partner to undertake your Messaging Telco Development.

  • Find High-Potential Customers and provide ongoing Sales Support.
  • Pre-evaluation of Sales Leads.
  • Intermediation to sign competitive Operator Agreements.
  • Finding required Numbering Resources for SMS and Voice Services.
  • Support or lead Contractual Negotiations.
  • Purely success-based compensation.

  • Gain Speed to Market by the deployment of immediate Resources.
  • Access to a highly experienced Business Development team.
  • Cost-efficient deployment of experienced Sales and Purchasing Resources.
  • Active long-term support of Sales and Purchasing Relationships.
  • Fill your funnel with better leads.
  • Allow multinational team GTC to bridge language and cultural barriers.
  • Benefit from GTC’s long-term industry relationships.
  • Expand your business without HR investment.
  • Commission Payouts based on materialized profits.

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