Define your RCS business strategy and get the advantage of the upcoming industry of Rich Communication Services (RCS) and specifically RCS Business Messaging (RBM). At Global Telco Consult, our RCS experts provide to Telcos and Enterprises, all information needed concerning the new RCS messaging ecosystem.

  • Explain Rich Communication Services (RCS) – this highly dynamic new field of business messaging.

    • Technical overview and deep dive
    • Ecosystem players and dynamics, esp. the role of Google
  • Define your RCS business strategy including market positioning, business synergies, business development approach and execution plan.
  • Elaborate multi-years business case.
  • Training of internal resources.
  • Support marketing and sales activities around RCS evangelism.
  • Provide market transparency on available technology solutions and providers such as MaaP and RCS Application Server vendors as well as chatbot tools.
  • Define a project plan for the launch of RCS service and manage the project.
  • Define customer and case-specific selection criteria for selection of MaaP and RCS Application Server.
  • Support process of vendor and solution selection, incl. plan, organize and manage RFP, RFI, RFQ.
  • Support contract negotiations with technology providers.
  • Ensure compliance of the selection process with internal guidelines.
  • Support complete implementation and launch of service.
  • Run and document acceptance tests.
  • Productize RCS service including contracts, service order forms, service descriptions, marketing material, and pricing.

  • Build an RCS business strategy leveraging on GTC’s deep market and un-biased product experience.
  • Understand the value of company assets for your RCS messaging strategy.
  • Understand the synergies between your core business and RCS services.
  • Learn sophisticated sales and purchasing techniques from GTC’s team.
  • Receive validated product and market data.
  • Gain quick and relevant market transparency on market players and solutions.
  • Optimize your CAPEX and project costs.
  • Run a vendor or solution evaluation process by an external neutral entity.
  • Obtain transparent decision process documentation.
  • Ensure internal compliance on vendor and solution selection process.
  • Quick and professional market launch of RCS service.
  • Minimize the risk of project failure.
  • Flexible contractual terms.

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