Number Portability for Voice Carriers

Changing Scenarios- Pricing and Routing Issues

Until recently, voice offering, routing, pricing, and billing were made mostly based on the phone number prefix. This means that porting phone numbers from one Voice Carrier to another did not affect call completion.

This is now changing, with prices depending on the network the phone number was ported to or on the geographic zone originating the call.

Hence, being able to resolve the portability issue becomes critical for Voice Carriers.

Benefit from Deeper Number Portability Knowledge

Increase Call Completion Rates and Call Quality

Optimized Routing Costs through more accurate Least Cost Routing

Enable Real-Time Billing

How GTC Can Help

Mitigate the risks of regulatory changes and changing voice termination price structures with our new Number Portability Consultancy Service designed explicitly for Voice Carriers.


Our expertise in Number Portability will help Voice Carriers correctly identify A-Numbers to create processes that will help enable real-time routing and exploit revenue opportunities, enhance billing procedures, avoid fraudulent calls, and unnecessary costs and penalties.


Voice Carriers can find tailor-made solutions to help implement Mobile Number Portability (MNP) solutions in their systems with the help of our technical experts.

GTC will describe to Voice Carriers the intricacies and characteristics of MNP for voice calls. Learn why there is a compelling need for MNP know-how for Voice Carriers. And finally, see which options are available to Voice Carriers who wish to implement MNP in their systems and which solutions fit their operations based on their needs and technical capabilities.