Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Services

Clients are increasingly asking Global Telco Consult (GTC) for senior-level advisory to help in guiding them through the complex choices they face in their growth strategy.

GTC provides deep domain knowledge and strong transaction execution experience. Working closely with our clients as a trusted advisor, we identify, assess and structure strategic M&A transactions to help them achieve their long-term goals. We are committed to becoming a trusted and value-creating transformation partner for telecom operators.

Our offering

GTC provides objective & independent support for clients in the telecommunication industry. We play a critical role in supporting all transaction phases to ensure deals are consistent with corporate strategy and achieve maximum value. Our teams combine their extensive expertise with a deep understanding of the telecommunication industry sectors to support clients with a full range of services:

Mergers and Acquisitions:

We help clients ensure that their M&A strategy aligns with their broader corporate strategy. We identify and assess targets based on a client’s strategic objectives, potential synergies, organisational and cultural fit, and the feasibility of a deal. To provide a foundation for success after the deal closes, we help clients tailor the integration process, governance mechanisms, and organisation to the transaction’s strategic objectives.

Alliances & Joint Ventures:

To support the formation of alliances and joint ventures, we analyse our clients’ needs and the situations that prompt them to look for a business partner, whether to enter a new market, start a new business, gain access to a technology or product, or improve industry relationships. We also assist them in identifying the best possible partners and assessing the potential for value creation.

Merger Management:

We assist clients to realise maximum deal value, as quickly as possible, by tapping into the suitable sources of value, establishing cultural compatibility, building client capabilities and speeding up integration to execute the right future deals. We take a broad view of merger management, supporting clients from pre-announcement planning through post-close integration.


We help clients critically assess their portfolio so that they can better understand their core and non-core businesses. We assist in evaluating the relevant company, identifying possible deal structures, and supporting key issues affecting negotiations, such as the impact on vendors and the potential need for supply agreements with the acquirer.

In short:

As a trusted and value-creating transformation partner in the Telco industry, we can offer clients a full range of M&A services. Speak to us to learn more about this offering.